The Royal Commission has been considering misconduct in terms of conduct falling below community standards and expectations.

The community standard is one of “fairness” – how can fairness be identified?

Grow On Purpose and Compliance Advocacy Solutions have come together to explore solutions to the question of Fairness Assessment under the banner of CertFair.

We believe that financial service organisations intend to be fair to customers, but the clarity of that intention can be lost in the day to day operational decision-making process; with small decisions and actions compounding into unintentionally poor outcomes for consumers.

We have created CertFair as a system tool that supports leadership to identify and address this systemic issue.

How does CertFair work?

CertFair is a health-check process that utilises over 175 separate consumer and regulatory touchpoints. It gives an independent and consumer-led systematic approach for assessing fairness in the culture, products and services of an organisation, enabling you to make informed choices.

Being fair is now an assessable and measurable choice. What will you choose to do?

CertFair. Beyond Compliance